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WHO WE ARE | Seth Group is a third generation real estate company head office in Chawk Bazar Chittagong. Till date Seth Family can boast of being the land owner of Acres of landed properties in Chittagong dated since 1942. Seth Properties is one of Chittagong's most well recognized real estate brands known for its superior designs, cutting edge facades and attention to detail across it's developments. The company was founded by First generation entrepreneur -- Yakoob Seth in 1942 and acclaimed Land Development Company in Chittagong. Landmarks like Medical college of Chittagong was build on the property once owned Seth properties. The Company was focused on Land purchase and Land development business in Chittagong. Seth Properties is run by a set of experience Professionals and thrives on achieving its ambitious growth plans. Management of the Company is headed by The Chairman, Mr. Md.Mohammad Manzoor Alam Seth and Mr. Md. Solaiman Alam Seth who is the Managing Director of the company. The execution of the company is bestowed upon Mr. Md. Aftab Alam Chief Executive Officer, Seth Group of Companies. There is a management team comprising the Heads under the Leadership of our Chief Executive Officer, to plan long-term strategy and review performance and organize business as per the directions. It ensures achievement of strategic objectives.

HISTORY OF AZIZ COLONY | In late 1930s a small group of young Muslim Textile Merchants sat down in a tea stall in Zakaria Street Calcutta wondering about their future. Aziz Rahman Chowdhury was among them; he had his roots in Chittagong of East Bengal. Being a farsighted businessman he made the choice to return to Chittagong. He expressed his wishes and his plans to his companions, who then urged him to begin trade with East Bengal. One friend in particular spoke up and gave Aziz Rahman Chowdhury the idea of buying land, in the hopes of leaving Calcutta to pursue business in other cities. They agreed that buying land in Chittagong in particular would help them when they extended their own businesses. Soon, they began their endeavours as Aziz Rahman Chowdhury moved to Chittagong. And as per their plan, he started a Textile trading business with his friends in the Zakaria Street Textile market. Not long after, the Hindu-Muslim riots began in 1939. Riot broke out at Asansol followed by riot in Kanpore , Benares and Kassipore near Calcutta. As riots broke out all over Bengal Mr.Chowdhury was concerned about his fellow Muslims; he knew that those in West Bengal were not safe. People had begun to migrate from West Bengal to East Bengal. Chittagong in particular had many new residents, as it was a trading hub in which businessmen and traders were able to flourish.

TO BE CONTINUED | History of Aziz Colony |
Given the influx of families from West Bengal by 1946, as well as the talks of partition, Mr. Chowdhury developed the idea of building a number of two and three room apartments for single families, and he named it Nur Manzil. Word spread and affluent families who had recently moved to Chittagong from West Bengal came to seek refuge in his apartments. With its growing popularity after partition, Mr. Chowdhury decided to change the name of his residence, and thus emerged Aziz Colony. Between 1946 and 1969 the following families moved in:
♦ Mr. O.R. Nizam ♦ Mr. Aktar Ul Huda (Owner of Oriental Biscuit Factory) ♦ Mrs. Umma Salwat (moved in with her elder son) ♦ Mr. Syed Hossain Ali (then known as Aziz) ♦ Mr. Mohammed Azam ♦ Mr. Abdul Waheed Khawaja ♦ Mr. Azam Khawaja ♦ Mr.Rauf Khawaja ♦ Mr.Khawaja Iqbal Saigal ♦ Mr.Khawaja Mushtaq Saigal ♦ Mr. Manzoor (Kaka Sahaib) ♦ Mr. Shafkat ullah Siddiqui ♦ Mr. Shirafat ullah Siddiqui ♦ Mr. Muhammad Yasin Hashmi ♦ Mr. Ahmed Ansari ♦ Mr. Khurshid Zaman ♦ Mr. Shirazie ♦ Mr. Shamshul Haq Ansari ♦ Dr. Mahmood Alam ♦ Mr. Zahid Hussain ♦ Dr. Fazalur Rahman

In the year 1937 Mr. Azizur Rahman Chowdhury's first wife Gulzar Begum gave birth to a daughter named Sakina Begum, followed by the birth of his son Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury in 1942. But the joyous occasion was followed by tragedy, as his beloved wife passed away soon after the birth of their son. In the following years, Aziz Colony prospered and the Chowdhury family was at ease. In the year 1950 Sakina Begum got married to Mohammed Mahabub Alam Seth the only son of a renowned businessman Mohammed Yakub Seth. In late 1950 Aziz Chowdhury had to face another devastating loss, as his young son suddenly passed away from an illness that was unable to be diagnosed by doctors. As Mr. Azizur Rahman Chowdhury's own health was deteriorating he decided to raise his brother's son as his own. On March 18,1966 Mr. Azizur Rahman Chowdhury passed away leaving the responsibility of carrying on the legacy of Aziz Colony to his only heir, Sakina Begum. Before his death he requested his daughter never to sell the land but to develop it into a better place to live.

Sakina Begum was devoted to her father and carried out his last wish by moving into Aziz Colony in 1968 and making the necessary changes to ensure the longevity of her family's legacy.
Aziz Colony soon became a place of solace and a home for its residents, as individuals began building their families on the foundations of Mr.Chowdhury's dreams. Even throughout the birth of Bangladesh, Aziz Colony was a place of refuge for Bengalis and their allies who were able to live in harmony amongst the violence of the War of Independence. By the end of 1970 prominent families of Chittagong like; ♦ Mr. Year Ali Khan ( Pechu Meah) ♦ Mr. Ataur Rahman Khan Kaisar (MP & prominent political leader) ♦ Mr. Siraj Uddin ( Owner of Elite Paint ) ♦ Mr. Sarwar Nizam ♦ Dr. Gaffar ♦ Dr.Sirajul Islam ♦ Badsha Meah Sawdagar ( owner of Badsha Group of Ind.) As time passed and the old stone walls of Aziz Colony weakened, the dreams of Azizur Rahman Chowdhury and his daughter Sakina Begum did not.

The third generation heir of Sakina Begum once again decided to carry out Azizur Rahman Chowdhury's last wish and have taken a step forward in building a better place to live in Aziz Colony. To rebuild the History of Heritage with a new look by converting the Townhouse apartments concept into a multi-storied apartment complex keeping the historical name intact as Aziz Colony. This land has been a home to many families who have remained here over generations. It will continue to be a place of solace for its residents, but more importantly will forever encompass the rich history of Chittagong.